Digital / Leinwand 110 x 60 x 2 cm
At-At Among The Sierra Nevada von Ars Fantasio
Online seit 04.05.2016

#Digitale Kunst #Grafik & Design #phantastischer Realismus #Reproduktion #Landschaft #Natur #Transformation
Arbeite aktuell noch an einem nachfolger zu diesem bild mit einem AT-ST, wurde aber leider nicht zum 04.Mai fertig, daher dieses hier als platzhalter. Im folgenden die beschreibung aus dem englischen, da passt das auch mit dem spruch besser ;)


Happy Star Wars day!!
„May the fourth be with you!

I did only paint the AT-AT Walker in Photoshop, not the whole Landscape!
The walker is inspired by Dimitri Kaliviotis
The landscape is a painting from Albert Bierstadt from 1865 - check out his amazing works:

Why did I do that?
Actually the intention behind this is to learn from the old masters. In this experience of hand-painted inceptionism, the 35 hours of painting felt like a holiday. I can only recommend trying that out.

I learned so much more from this painting than a 2 weeks stay at the Louvre would probably ever do. Especially in terms of appreciating the techniques of the masters and learning to emulate them digitally - a priceless exercise!

Additionally this was a nice way to practice light and color. My aim was to make the walker to be believable in the situation, as if it was meant to be there and part of the original painting.

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