HEXEN I: Heretic Warrior (2016) von Ars Fantasio
Online seit 21.03.2016

#Digitale Kunst #Grafik & Design #Impressionismus #phantastischer Realismus #Fantasie #Mythologie #Transformation
Mein Beitrag zum aktuellen Release des Dark Realm Collective "Witchcraft":
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Hier die Beschreibung in Englisch:
Part 1 of a new series about „Hexen“ (German plural and verb for witches and witchcraft) in a certain themed setting.
This piece is subtitled
„Hecate and 4 Swords“ and describes the powerful witch that can summon the deadly powers of blades and steel. Unlike the historical mythology about Hecate, this heretic warrior grows powerful by cutting her own arms and grows new ones like a hydra. She can send her newly grown limbs miles away and becomes a powerful near and ranged combat weapon herself in the process.

This one was mainly inspired by Peter Mohrbacher, Karol Bak and Anthony Jones;)

Patrons will receive Hi-Res version($10Tier) and Process Gif (For all).
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I hope you like,

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